What our Customers Are Saying!
Chris, it was perfect! Carl was fantastic—just the right combination of playful and professional. You really made my wife’s night and made me look like hubby of the year—at least hubby the neighborhood, which my other male guests didn’t appreciate! I told them though, all I did was call you and you did the rest so perhaps more trips to Newtown Square in your future. Honestly, I called two others who advertised on the net and from the very beginning on the phone I could tell yours was far and away the most professional and was going to be the best fit for our night.. As I said, it was fantastic! Thanks again, Andrew

Good Morning, Let me begin by saying BRAVO!!! for a Stellar performance. The bell hop arrived exactly on time. His appearance was professional and fitting of his character and his talent was matched with that of a Broadway star. He sang like a song bird with a loud friendly melodic tone captivating the hearts of his audience.  He greeted Jay, the guest of honor with balloons and a great big kiss, (a chocolate Hershey one might I add) for her birthday. He succeeded in making this one of the most joyous and cherishable memories that my best friend will have for a lifetime. I want to thank you so very much for doing a phenomenal job in making Jay's birthday a happy one and truly unforgettable. Sincerely, Kris Parker

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to you and Classic singing telegram, I deployed in November of this year, which caused me to miss Christmas, Valentines day, our anniversary and my wife's birthday, so needless to say she hasn't been real happy with me this year. We work 7 days a week here, which causes me to lose track of day's of the week, so when I realized that yesterday was the only chance I would have to send a singing telegram to her at work, I never expected for you guys to be able to accommodate. BUT YOU DID and not only were you able to complete that "mission" but you did it in awesome style with flare and showmanship of a true theater company. I can not begin to thank you enough for your hard work to make this happen, and congratulations on a job well done! In closing, words can not express how thankful I am to Classic Singing Telegram.com you made my Wife very happy!

Chris, this is Corey in the flesh and entirely embarrassed for life. You guys did a great job, total surprise, that gorilla is a masterpiece. If Lauren ever calls you again, delete her number. Great work. :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much she loved it and she was very shocked and surprised!!!! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and speedy delivery. Devon​

The Classic Christmas Carolers were truly amazing. Their performance was a surprise gift from my brother, and my wife and I agree, they were the most amazing gift ever. They sang like angels and were each very talented singers. We invited them to stay for dessert and they were so gracious to spend a few extra minutes with our family.  They made our Christmas season and we could not be more enthusiastic about recommending them to anyone looking for some Christmas magic.  Already looking forward to next year. They have become our new tradition!  - Andy  

I wanted to get back to you on how extremely happy we all were with Elvis. Patrick was magnificent it was perfect he really knows how to work a crowd (over 80 people) He had one young boy making the Elvis moves with him (that was videotaped I think) it was great the way he slowly brought him in for the routine. He walked around a very warm room and personally shook everyone’s hand and posed for pictures with everyone. I did take a couple of pictures of the most precious thing: Elvis singing to and with a little blind girl at the party … I cried I just wish I had videotaped it. He truly is the perfect showman for a party because he is so personable and friendly. Several people called out songs and he never missed a beat as he went from one to the other. He hugged anyone who sang along with him and brought them into the performance and believe me we had several Elvis wannabes. The memories he created will last forever and the stories will be told for years to come. Patrick is now on the invitee list for upcoming Memorial Day parties and we definitely will use his services for upcoming events. Thank you so much!! Gary Finn 

Megan was super duper great and people thought the whole thing was such a great idea! They're still talking about it :) Megan's voice blew our socks off--YAY! Good stuff. We have a video--- I'll make sure to fwd it soon.  I wanna thank you for your energy, your inventiveness (the song was a hit, especially as Megan ended it with asking alexa to be the flowergirl) and for making this happen!! Classic Singing Telegram ROCKS! Grace

Chris, Thank you sooooo much!  I was going to call you tomorrow when I got in, your singer was GREAT!!!  I expect to see him on Broadway someday! I will certainly recommend you and have already, as everyone asked where he was from. I also feel your price for service is excellent!  You do a great job and made it easy.  My sister cried, she was so happy!!  Thank you again, you made her day and also mine! Michele

Joe was awesome! Jen was totally embarrassed and we all loved it. Your guy was professional and quite perfect. You folks were a pleasure to deal with. Is there a place I can give a testimonial? I would be happy to. It's not that common to have such a perfect experience. Many, many thanks.Jane (& Bob)

HOLY COW! Classicsingingtelegram hit a HOME RUN! We were so impressed by both his voice and how he delivered your beautiful lyrics. Chris your really made the night extra special, two people came up to us for your phone number. Need I say more?  ;D

Stephanie LOVED the singing telegram! She was going “ape”, calling all of us to retell the story. She says she was so embarrassed, but I know she really loves that kind of stuff. She gave me the whole play-by-play over the telephone. All the people at her workplace were into it, too. They got pictures and I think even videotaped the last part of it. I can’t wait to see it! She said it took her totally by surprise and that it made her whole birthday. She is already plotting her revenge on all of her PA friends. Thanks again for coming through on such short notice! Please let Kevin know how much she enjoyed his act and his singing (she says he could be on Broadway). Thanks again, Holly Smith

Another phenomenal evening with your  fabulous Christmas Carolers. Thank you!!   They are the most talented, and loveliest people to work with 🎄 Have a wonderful holiday ❤️ - Joanmarie

Hi Chris-Please tell Carl he was excellent. Trish couldn't have been happier and more wonderfully uncomfortable at the same time. It was certainly the most told story the rest of the day, which hopefully bodes well for referrals for you. Thanks for making it happen and for all your help. I will certainly keep you in mind for future occasions. Sincerely, Jonah

Chris, Sarah was really wonderful. What a talented young women with a great voice. She really belted it out and the whole gym was able to listen in to her song. Several folks were very taken with her performance and they wanted business cards.  Damon was totally surprised as were the other trainers. He loved it!  I have another birthday for a friend coming up in June and will call you shortly to set it up. In a world full of stress and confusion, your company offers a "time out" of fun and civility. I will highly recommend your singing telegrams!!!  Thank you,  Judy

She LOVED it.  We are still talking about it.  I wanted to do something awesome for her that she would not forget.  As I shared, she don't make a big deal out of her birthday but I am a birthday fanatic and I am trying to win her over.  Birthdays are the best days in the world and I want everyone around me to enjoy their special day. Thank you so much, you did a great job and I am sure that I will be calling you soon.  A few of the ladies that were getting their hair done said they will be calling you also.  Again thanks a mil and may God richly bless you, your business and your day. Angela Milton

Hi Chris!!!!!
Chuck was shades of red that he has never been before!!! Your guy was awesome, afterward Chuck was googling videos of other people u guys have done! It was a big hit, I have posted it all over Facebook and I will email u the video, please let me know if I can help with anything else! I really appreciate all your efforts and great communication. Will definitely recommend you guys to others!
Thanks again

Good morning, Chris!  Speaking to Mom and Dad, they said Billy was fantastic.  The girls in the class had a great time and Mom was really surprised.  She confessed that when Billy first appeared, her first thought was "Oh no... A stripper???"  (LOL).  Everyone was very impressed by Billy.  It couldn't have been better.  I plan to sing your praises (pun intended) on Facebook and any review site that I come across.  You, Billy, and Classic Singing Telegram.com have been wonderful.  I think you may have us as a repeat customer.
Kindest regards,~Lisa

Hello, Just wanted you guys to know that the singing telegram was outstanding from begining to end. Everything was so professional. Shaun was such a sweetheart!!!!!! Perfect for the job. I dont think he knew what he was walking into at the daycare, with all the children waiting to see what he was going to do. The children loved it so much they cheered for Shaun when he was done. Like a broadway show!!!! My husband was so suprised and he loved it. One of the kids dad came in at the same time as Shaun, he was blown away. One of my staff members could not stop crying. I didnt tell anyone what was about to happen. What a blessing you guys were, on such a special day. Thank you all so much. WELL DONE !!!!!!! Monique

YES! YES! YES! She loved it! I just wanted to thank you and Patrick for making her Birthday the best EVER! And you can imagine turning 50 isn't always fun for the person who is turning the big 5 0. I also wanted to say how professional and helpful you have been! Keep up the good work! And I will (and Nancy agreed too) let everyone know where to go when they need a Classic Singing Telegram!!!  I am also going to mention your company on Facebook. Thanks again! Mike

Rich said he loved it and was over the moon!! He said he couldn’t stop laughing and was still in shock from the gorilla in a bell hop outfit and so was his dog. Thank you so much , it was perfect.  Charlotte

Hi chris!  The reports I've gotten are glowing!  According to our family, the kids were enthralled, my mother-in-law (joyce) cried tears of happiness, my grandmother-in-law (mimi) said she's never seen anything so wonderful, and you were adorable and so talented!  Thank you for fitting us in.  I'm so pleased!  Continued success to you - Randi

I just want to tell you that my mom really enjoyed the singing telegram! She was totally surprised to see Christina in a bellhop outfit bearing chocolates and balloons,a plaque and a cheerful tune in a form of "Chattanooga Choo - choo". I was totally pleased with the results! My mom thought this was one of the best mother's days yet because of this. Keep up the good work!!!!!  Tara

FABULOUS job!!!!!  My dad was surprised, embarrassed, mortified, excited, happy..........it was a memory worth creating!  Thanks you so much!!!!!! Lisa

Chris you are a genius! The singing telegram went over better than expected and as you predicted, it has become a major topic of discussion around the office.  Once again thanks a million!! Maurice

Hi Chris, The carolers were great! They were right on time, perfect costumes and beautiful voices. They were also very personable and professional. Gary and all our guests enjoyed them very much- a definite highlight of our party. Thanks again for working with me towards just what I wanted!   Regards, Terry

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making my grandfather's birthday so special. HE LOVED IT! He told me that was the best birthday gift! Thanks again for everything!  I will being calling on you again. Thanks again!  Michelle

I had totally forgotten about my Mom's birthday and was panicking.  I contacted Classic Singing Telegram last night and they were awesome on such short notice (I needed a telegram for today, the very next day!). They worked with me on pricing and my preferences without hesitating to accommodate me. Today, everything went as planned. The messenger was on time, he looked neatly pressed & clean (not some old wornout costume), his singing was A+, and he was friendly with not only my mom but with the entire group that had gathered to participate.  I would definitely use Classic Singing Telegram again and recommend the messenger highly. Thank you for making my Mom's Birthday special!! Lori 

Hi Chris--she loved it--it was so funny--never saw her laugh so hard--richie was great--looked just like a real bell hop---friendly, little and spry!!!  thnaks so much for being so accommodating!!!! will remember classic singing telegrams for the future--i will definitely send you pictures--the video is a scream!  thanks again!!  patti

Hi Chris! She loved it!!!!!  We took video during the songs and some pictures later holding her balloons, Godivas and framed telegram.  Carl did a fantastic job!!  With the baby crying at one point, the dog upstairs barking....Carl didn't miss a beat.  He was in character and so friendly (:  This made my Mom's day...her week!  Thank you again...and thank you Carl!  Much Appreciated, Becky, Rachel and Derek

Hey Chris, Richie was fabulous!  So adorable!  You were so right! His Bell Hop outfit, voice and talent was amazing! The song pierced my heart and the words were perfect! Everyone loved it!  I can't express how perfect!  My father-in-law was in awe and we couldn't be more gratetful that this made his 80th birthday so memorable!  Everyone marveled and laughed and it was soooooo special! I wish you all the best in this business! I will tell everyone, its so fun and heartfelt joy radiates from your singers! Thank You! Thank You!   Sincere Thanks, Cece

We would like to thank you and the other four singers for your generous in-kind gift of one hour of Christmas Caroling for the women at Bethesda Project’s Spruce Street residence.  The women are still talking about how wonderful the singing was and how much they enjoyed it! Through the generosity of donors such as you Bethesda Project’s mission to provide shelter, housing and a caring family for Philadelphia’s homeless can be realized.  As the new Director of Development at Bethesda Project, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our donors.  I have been with the organization only a short time but I am amazed each day by the outpouring of support we receive from individuals like you. As we strive for the day when everyone has a place to call home, your gift ensures that our homeless brothers and sisters will continue to feel the caring support of their Bethesda Project family.  Again, we thank you.
Sincerely, Miranda S. Barthmus Director of Development

First Class!  John did outstanding all day.  We surprised 15 people with the “Bananagram”.  We hit all corners of South Jersey (including on the beach).  The Banana had a huge gathering around him.   VERY WELL DONE!  The reactions from our friends and family was PRICELESS!  I’ll share with you some video soon and I’ll post it on facebook to your fan page.. Very best, Matt

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much she loved it and she was very shocked and surprised!!!! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and speedy delivery. Devon

Hi Chris, It was amazing!! Richie had so much energy so early in the morning. His singing actually made me cry. I was so freaking emotional......It was perfect!! Thank you so much! Tamica

I got an email from him that said "well played, well played and also well done." I am SO SO SO excited that it went great.  He absolutely loved it from what I understand - awesome news!!!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.  I will be sure to provde glowing reviews for the company throughout the internets :)  Yay - so happy..what a cool/unique service you provide!  Edible arrangments eat your heart out - this beats chocolate covered pineapple any day of the week.  Heather

Hi Chris, I just talked to Allie and she loved it!  I can't tell you how happy I am with your service. From the time I spoke to you on the phone and ordered the telegram to the actual delivery, you have been great.  responsive, flexible and really a joy to work with.  You have made MY valentine's day, that's for sure!  Allie is tracking down the photos and video and I will be sure to send them along to you.  Thanks again! Alex

Hi Chris, OMG…I can’t stop laughing right now. He just called me and told me, but he’s calling me right back because he couldn’t talk long. I WILL make sure to forward you any videos or pics!! I can’t believe we pulled it off at such last minute.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Jessica

Thank you for sending Carl! He was wonderful !! He had a great time , we has a great time!!! You produce memories for a life time and you should be proud you have the ability to make people smile!! He will remember his singing telegram forever! Thank you again! Sincerely, Crystal

Hi Chris, It was priceless...OMG..Soo Funny...He has played pratical jokes on me and this was the ultimate payback...He was candy apple red but really enjoyed it...Thanks so much!!!   Carol

I can not put into words the wonderful job your team did. Not only did every one of my guests love the entrance, but it made my night watching my daughter listen to them sing. You were a pleasure to work with and i will absolutely use your carolers again!! Alicia

Hey Chris! My dad and my step mom LOVEDDDD it! They are currently calling all my relatives and talking about it.LOL They said Kim did a great job! They said she was really pretty and had an absolutely beautiful voice! Please tell her THANK YOU for me :)  If you guys ever need a reference please let me know! I couldn't be happier with your service :)  Thanks again deb

Chris, First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!! Ronnie was AMAZING and I'm pretty sure Ariel fell in love. She kept asking if I could contact Ronnie and see if he would come back and hang out with us :) She carried around her telegram the whole night and stopped people just to sing to them. Let's just say, she had a really great night and the telegram is what made it the "best night of her life". THANK YOU SO MUCH! This won't be the last time you hear from me:) Sincerely, Kiersten

The telegram was fantastic! I really appreciate the effort to put into making it work out. Not only did he love it but all the coworkers and patients loved it and it brightened up everyone's day. It was also posted on Facebook by on not his coworkers and he was tagged in it - I was receiving text messages left and right the next day about how awesome of an idea that was - thanks to you and your company for making smiles and laughter possible for everyone! Best, Yasaman

I was going to call you, but I didn't want to bother you! It was PRICELESS!!! She was mortified (the reaction I wanted), but she absolutely loved it!!! Taylor did an outstanding job!!! Words cannot express how awesome he was!!! I was in tears from laughing so hard!!! I cannot stop watching the video my brother in law sent me!!! Taylor was absolutely fabulous! Please thank him on such an outstanding job and thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this such last minute! You made this an unforgettable experience and a birthday she will never forget! You Sir, run a fantastic business of making memories to last a lifetime!! More people need to do this!!! Thank you again!!! I tried to attach the video to this email, but I'm not sure if it attached correctly. If not I can text it to you.... Just let me know. Lastly, You are just awesome!!!